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Syracuse Getting Way Too Comfortable In The NIT

If we win the 2007 Preseason NIT, we will have played seven consecutive games within the confines of said tournament. So I think we can all agree that we've hit our quota for NIT-related activity for the next four years and we can move forward, m'kay?

We already knew we'd be hosting Siena, St. Josephs and Fairleigh Dickinson in our pod of the tournament but now
the entire 16-team field has been set.

East Regional
(November 12 and 13 at Syracuse)
Orangemen (nice to see the NIT is still using the same copy from their 1989 listings) vs. Siena College
St. Joseph's vs. Fairleigh Dickinson

Midwest Regional
(November 12 and 13 at Ohio State)
Ohio State vs. Wisconsin Green-Bay

Columbia vs. Delaware State

South Regional
(November 13 and 14 at Texas A&M)
Oral Roberts vs. Texas A&M
UTEP vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

West Regional (November 13 and 14 at Washington)
Washington vs. New Jersey Institute of Technology

Utah vs. High Point

My premature assessment of how it will go?

Emerging from the four pods will be Syracuse, Ohio State, Texas A&M and Utah in an upset. Then Syracuse beats OSU, A&M beats Utah and Syracuse takes care of the Aggies in a thriller. The road to 29-0 begins here!