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Realizing Wyoming Doesn't Actually Exist, Syracuse Cancels Game

Seriously, have you ever been to Wyoming? No.

Do you know anyone from Wyoming? No.

Yeah, you've seen "Wyoming" on TV but how do you really know it just wasn't Idaho?

Syracuse came to the same conclusion I did, that Wyoming doesn't actually exist as anything more than a made-up entity to make sure we have 50 stars on our flag (When Puerto Rico finally becomes a state, we will officially no longer recognize Wyoming and maintain 50-star status...true story). And so, despite the fact that "Wyoming" was kind enough to come to the Dome last year in their horrible uniforms and let us beat them in double overtime,
we won't be returning the favor in 2009.

As you can imagine, the Wyoming folks aren't too pleased.

"It's just horrible, and it shows no class (by Syracuse)," UW football coach Joe Glenn said Wednesday of the letter, which arrived last week. We signed the contract, and we went out there last year to play them. It doesn't show much character on their part."

Boo-hoo. Wyoming still has series scheduled with Missouri, Virginia, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Texas A&M so they have plenty other opportunities to be defeated on a regular basis by BCS schools.

But what of Syracuse? With an open slot on the 2009 schedule this opens up many a possibility. The
2009 OCC schedule currently has Akron, Penn State and Northwestern on it. Nice to see Penn State on there but certainly not a murderer's row. Might we see Boston College back on the schedule a year early? How bout Virginia Tech? I'd put a safe bet on either of those schools taking the spot for now.