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OrangeTube 8/2

The Syracuse-related videos are coming at us fast and furious this week.

Me And My Cuse, We Don't Give A F*ck
Trick Daddy, Twista, Lil' Jon and Eric Devendorf. Perfect together.

Should The First World International SU Students See Upon Arrival Be "Slutzker?"
A "how-to" guide for incoming international students, who judging by the photos at the beginning of the video, will become experts in group photography and peace sign appreciation.

"Based on other students experiences, we suggest you purchase healthy food and drinks for your flight." What would they be telling people to eat and drink otherwise? Ho-Ho's and a six-pack of Jolt?

"Have an extra $5 to give to the (taxi) driver for a tip." FIVE BUCKS? Did the Syracuse Taxi Federation sponsor this video or something?

Love Scooch, Not The Sweaty, Shadowy Man Beneath

"I don't wanna be treated like a celebrity walking around..."

You got it!

By the way, nice dig on your current employer there (Personally, I don't think its as fun as football...). Maybe that can be the Chiefs's new slogan.

Syracuse Cheifs Baseball: Not As Fun As Football, But You've Got Nothing Better To Do, Do Ya?