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Jonnie, Johnny, Jonny...Whatever, As Long As He Scores

A commenter mentioned the other day that DOCTOR Daryl Gross oversees everything that goes up on before its posted. If that's the case, I can only trust in the good doctor that he has some kind of reason for changing Johnny Flynn's name to Jonnie Flynn.

Is this a Joe "Theesman/Theisman" kind of thing? Is there an award out there for freshman that ends in -nie and I just don't know it? The Fronnie Award? Are "Jonnie For Fronnie" buttons being printed as we speak?

Further complicating matters, his named is spelled Jonny at the bottom of that bio. And do a quick search for Johnny Flynn and Jonny Flynn, you'll find an equal amount of links to both.

For the love of God, can someone give me a definite answer on how to spell this kid's name before everyone just starts calling him J-Fly??? ( no attention to that hyphenated never saw it...)

(Nice catch, Frozen44)