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It's Go Time

This is it. All the conjecture. All the previews. All the talking out of our asses like we have any clue what to expect. It all leads up to tonight.

By this time tomorrow you will be a changed person. By this time tomorrow you will either wake up on your lawn covered in orange confetti after dreaming of an undefeated season or they will find you in your basement, rocking back-and-forth slowly repeating "We're never gonna win again." There is no in-between.

Ah, college football.

For those of us not at the game (and Orange44 is apparently hearing there won't really be that many of you anyway), we get the special treat of national coverage (ESPN). Plus, for those you geeky enough to be on your computer while watching the game (re: me), the Axeman will be live-blogging the game from the Dome. That is, until DOCTOR Daryl Gross finds out, beats down the press box door, shoves his head in a burlap sack and has him dragged away to the Dome basement for "purification."

One huge negative I just came across.
Tonight's ESPN broadcast team? Sean McDonough (great), Chris Spielman (okay), Rob Stone (whatever) and Colin Cowherd (f*******ck). McDonough better protect his house.

By the way, I can't believe
I was actually right about Mini-Kiss. I'm still trying to decide if I'm impressed by this or horrified.