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Gross Is The Decider

As mentioned a few weeks back, Gary Gait was confirmed today as the new head coach of the Women's Lacrosse team. What I found interesting about SUAthletics' announcement wasn't so much the 847 paragraph essay about Gary Gait and his accomplishments, but the headline which the story led with.

Gross Hires Lacrosse Legend Gary Gait to Lead Syracuse Womens' Lacrosse Program

Not "Syracuse hires..." Not "Gary Gait hired..." Gross hires.

NOW, maybe I'm reading too much into this, the same way we all seemed to read too much into that stadium announcement a few weeks back. But its funny, I randomly ran into a fellow SU grad the other day and we got to talking about, what else, the football team. I mentioned my theory that I believe DOCTOR Daryl Gross not only wants to make sweeping changes at SU but he also wants to create a Daryl Gross Stamp Of Approval of sorts. He doesn't just want change, he wants everyone to know he's the one doing it. It's like he's already trying to pick out which building they'll name after him when he retires, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Like I said, maybe I'm reading too much into things but we're slowly but surely getting to the point where you can't see a product or a tradition or an aspect of our sports program that doesn't have Gross' hands on it. And to be fair, that's been a good thing in many aspects. But little things like this headline pop up and it makes me uncomfortable.

Maybe it all stems from the whole DOCTOR thing. Something about people who aren't medical doctors that refer to themselves as doctors...just seems a little stuffy, right?

I guess we'll know for sure if this is really anything once the women's hockey coach is hired. But if I see "Gross Hires Gretzky To Lead Syracuse Hockey Program," I may just have a little more ammo to back up this theory...and a couple of questions about the state of Wayne Gretzky's career.