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Gerry Goes Greek...Again

The other day I was thinking to myself "what ever came of Gerry McNamara's 76ers tryout?" I hadn't heard anything and figured a decision needed to be made soon for all parties. Well apparently that decision was made cause Gerry McNamara just signed a contract to play basketball in Greece...again.

Order your Panionios BC jerseys quick before they all get snatched up. And make sure
to burn your McNamara Olympiakos BC jersey while you're at it cause they're a rival now. And be sure to check out Gerry's player page which despite being in Greek, I'm pretty sure asks the question "Το who is who Gerry McNamara?" Talk about philosophical!

So what happened in Philly? As far as I can tell there was no official announcement one way or another regarding Gerry's future with the team, which I suppose is the unofficial way of saying "thanks but no thanks."
And so, Gerry's quest continues. Wherever he plays is fine by me, whatever he can do to keep himself from working here is alright by me.