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Congrats Otto, Um, Kinda

The statement "Congratulations Otto, you are the funniest collegiate mascot in the fucking world" could be read a serious statement cementing Otto's place as a piece of college football royalty and Americana. Alas, this in the Internet and since I'm reading it on a site called The Pig Pen, its probably best to assume sarcasm is involved.

Pig Pen counted down the 5 funniest mascots in the country and came up with...

5. Maryland's Testudo
4. Yale's Handsome Dan
3. Nebraska's Herbie the Husker
2. Stanford's Tree

And #1...Otto.

In a complete runaway, Otto has earned the right to be called the funniest mascot in collegiate sports. You can say the only reason is because of how funny the school nickname is, and the school really had no other option, but that's not true. Syracuse could of pulled a Stanford and just make their mascot a fucking mountain, but no, they're classy. They're called the Syracuse Orangemen. So their mascot is, and only will be, a Syracuse Orangemen. Welcome, Otto. He's an orange ball. A round, orange ball with eyes and a mouth. And yes, don't forget the hat. His legs just dangle from his spherical body, his arms have disappeared which gives him a baby-arm aura, and the smile on his face is big enough to give Lindsey Lohan hope.

Not quite sure what a mountain has to do with Syracuse and of course we all know that the nickname is Orange, not Orangemen...but any praise, be it snarky or otherwise, for Otto is praise well deserved.