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Coachin' Ain't Easy

It's an interesting time to be Greg Robinson. In theory, things are good. You have the confidence of your boss. You're finally working with a team that contains a good amount of guys you hand-selected or at least did the dirty work to pursue. The team can only get better (right?). You finally were able to prove that you are not in fact a robot, or you are at least a robot with some form of sentient intelligence that can make you seem to have an emotion.

Well don't tell bloggers and college football pundits. According to them, well, Greg Robinson must be crapping his pants. We've seen plenty of folks claim Robinson is on a hot, if not warm, seat this season and now Fanhouse has chimed in as well. I don't know if many would agree that Robinson truly is on a hot seat. Short of going winless I can't imagine a scenario where he doesn't come back for another season. DOCTOR Daryl Gross has too much invested in this program's current rebuilding progress to jeopardize that with a new far.

But let's face it, we need a definitive source to tell us if Robinson, nay, any coach is truly on the Hot Seat. Who are we to make that call? We're no experts.

But via
The Wizard of Odds, I think we may have found one. CHS has done some fantastic work, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt who the coaches with the hottest asses are(Please don't read that the wrong way). Houston Nutt, Ty Willingham, Al Groh, Voodoo Child Joe Glenn and Ed Orgeron make the top five. Where's Greg in all of this? Sittin' pretty at #36, well behind UConn's Randy Edsell (#10) and Pitt's Dave Wannstedt (#14). But it doesn't stop there.

They also have rankings of coach salaries. Nick Saban ($3.5m) will make more this year than Coach Robinson ($638K) will have made over the last three and he's got five more wins thank Nicky does. When you see that Wannstedt is making $1.5M, you can certainly see why he's on a much hotter seat than Robinson right now.

And finally, how bout a little
cost-per-victory analysis? You might feel a little bad if we beat Illinois again this year, but don't cry for Ron Zook. He's making $600K for every win he gets. Makes the losses sting a little less. Coach Robinson is #40 on the list as $159K per victory. Let's all do our best to see that number slide down, shall we?