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Breakin' The BlogPoll Seal

I was humbled a few weeks back by my inclusion into the rarefied group known as The BlogPoll. Joining fellow SU-related participant Orange44, I'll be submitting my Top 25 picks to the blogger poll which is only slightly less-accredited than the AP but ten times more accurate. (Despite the fact that even here, someone puts in a courtesy vote for Duke).

The initial poll has been posted:

The top three matches my Top 3 but then things get a little screwy. I have Wisconsin at #4 (look at the schedule for chrissakes) and West Virginia at #5, Florida at #6, Texas at #7 (which may may not include some residual bias against Mack Brown), Virginia Tech at #8, Cal at #9 and Louisville at #10. In case you were wondering, and I'm sure those of you in the Garden State are, I ranked Rutgers #23, and even then I think I may have been generous.

You can find an extremely (some would say "too") in-depth breakdown of the ranking here. It is interesting stuff, breaking down which teams are the most divisive (South Carolina) and who was crazy enough to give Georgia Tech a #10 ranking (The GT blog Ramblin' Racket, obviously).