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15 Is The New 44

You can't wear 44 anymore for the Orange (Thanks DOC) so perhaps the next best thing for players is to start a new tradition? Will 15 be for Syracuse basketball what 44 is for football? Perhaps.

The number worn by Carmelo Anthony will now be worn by freshman Donte Greene, according to the D.O. Sports Blog. Some may cry foul and wish for the number to be retired, but I say this...

1. As good as he was, Carmelo only played here for one year.
2. If you're gonna retire someone's number, retire Gerry's.
3. Retiring numbers is a silly notion with no value now that we do it for every marginally-great player to pass through the building anyway.

As for the rest of the freshman...

10 Jonny Flynn
00 Rick Jackson (the first Orange ever)
2 Justin Thomas
12 Kristof! Ongenaet (I refuse to refer to him as Kris)
33 Antonio Jardine
42 Ryan Cahak
45 Sean Williams

(I fully expect OrangeHoops to provide some commentary on jersey numbers and their history within the SU basketball program within the next few days...)