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You Can't Put A Price On Scraps Of Paper

We all have them. Ticket stubs, programs, posters, faded autographs from when we were nine and some guy who was up from AAA for a week signed a piece of paper for you. In theory, these are just pieces of paper that have no value whatsoever. But in practice, these are treasures beyond the scope of reason. They are our most prized possessions. They are sports memorabilia.

On the SyracuseFan message boards, the question was asked: What's your most priceless piece of SU memorabilia? Technically it was asked what your favorite "memorbilia" is, but I'm going to use context clues to assume they meant memorabilia. What followed was a list of answers so varied and so chocked full of interesting answers, some of them just had to be shared. If for no other reason than to marvel at the things we sports fans are willing to assign value to where little actually exists.

(I'm having some fun here but I'm also the same guy who keeps a blank scrap of paper with two autographs on it,
Kiki Vandeweghe's and Eddie Lee Wilkin's. Hey, you never know when Eddie Lee's book value is gonna skyrocket. Maybe he'll commit a double-murder. Fingers crossed.)

"Ball autographed by the whole 03 championship team, including the kid whose sister braided Melo's hair & Mr. JB."

Yeah but did you get Melo to autograph one of his braids?

"My SU swim team poster with autographs from a couple players I don't remember"

SU swim team posters must have sky-rocketed in value since the announcement the program is ending!!!

"A Football poster with autographs of Walter Reyes, Craig Forth, Louis Mccroskey and a few other guys."

A football poster signed by Craig Forth and Louis McCroskey? What's next, a swim team poster signed by football players? Oh...

"Dollar bill signed by [Derrick] Coleman and Rodney Walker"

The rare Coleman dollar! It's like the Buffalo Nickel but twenty times more valuable!

"I have ticket stubs from Miami Ohio '80, Villanova '81, Nebraska '84, Penn State '87, Florida '91, etc. and the memories to go with them."

Everyone loves Syracuse-Miami memorabilia! Oh...THAT Miami... (Yes, I know that was the first game in the Dome)

"I have a genuine National Championship ring (in pendant form)"

And I have a genuine Super Bowl ring (in photo form).

"Ticket stubs from the Final Four signed by JB, a really, really sweet 44s 24 ounce mug and a Mexican Mud bootleg from a random Comstock Ave party in 1991."

NOW we're talkin'.