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Where All Aging NFL Careers Go To Die...Oakland

ESPN is reporting that Syracuse alum Donovin Darius has signed a three-year contract with the Oakland Raiders. The nine-year Jags vet had been talked about for the Bills, Titans and a few other teams before deciding to join the wasteland that is Oakland Raider football.

I will say, one stat did shock me though:

Despite winning only two games in 2006, the Oakland defense statistically ranked No. 3 in the league.

Not that they did much to improve things on the offense side this off-season. Still, the defense could shine again this year, as long as they stop whining long enough to win a few games.

Let's hope Darius isn't the latest vet to wither away in a Raider uniform (Bill Romanowski, Jerry Rice, Warren Sapp, Randy Moss) as he seems to have at least a few more seasons under his belt.

In other Syracuse/NFL news,'s Donnie Webb is reporting that Perry Patterson was not offered a contract by the Atlanta Falcons. At least Patterson can stop skim-reading The Idiot's Guide To Dog Fighting now.