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When In Doubt, Do As Rutgers Does

Since when did Rutgers become the trend-setter by which we must follow? Matt Gelb at the DO Sports blog reports that the long-awaited change to the Syracuse football uniform will be the addition of "NY somewhere on its helmets."

Funny, didn't New Jersey try to do that with Rutgers just a few months ago? Are we just gonna co-opt everything from New Jersey now? What's next, New York will become associated with organized crime???

The announcement was part of
a press conference DOCTOR Daryl Gross made in Utica yesterday (Utica? What, was Cortland too congested?). Amongst the other things Gross has to say...

He expects the football team's turnaround to begin by being competitive this season, and he expects the school to compete for a Big East title in two years.

Syracuse will try to expand its fan base by attracting people from all across the state. Gross said he's spoken to Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and other politicians about ways to get the rest of the state involved.

In truth, its a savvy way to think. Syracuse is New York State's football team. Yes, New York City is another world away from Upstate New York but there's no reason every New York football fan, be they in Buffulo or Brooklyn, isn't at least attuned to what's going in with the Orange. There's zero competition (sorry, Army, Buffalo and Albany) and there's no reason that Times Square should have giant Oregon banners and the Empire State Building is Rutger's red when a program like Syracuse's exists in-state.

Big talk, DOC. Looking forward to seeing you follow through on it.