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What I Learned On Big East Media Day

The thoughts and feelings of everyone at Big East Media Day 2007 could be summed up in the photo to your left. West Virginia, far and away considered the class of the league this season while Syracuse still lags behind, trying so hard to catch up. The "Big East Media," and what a mighty and foreboding group of sportswriters they are, have given their pre-season thoughts on the conference, and its about what you would expect:

1. West Virginia (20)

2. Louisville (3)

3. Rutgers (1)
4. South Florida

5. Cincinnati
6. Pittsburgh

7. Connecticut
8. Syracuse

Other news and notes from Media day:
  • Who voted for Rutgers to win the Big East? Never can be too sure with the boys from Jersey. I know Greg Schiano wants Rutgers to be the Miami of the Northeast and all but let's start slow before we start fixing polls. Let's start with, I dunno...having assistant coaches being arrested for assault. We'll work up from there, okay?

  • Looks like we weren't just whistling Dixie last week when discussed the Army-Navy invitations to the conference. Commish Mike Tranghese said that although the conference is interested in adding a ninth football-only member, Army and or Navy just isn't the right fit. So who is? Notre Dame won't budge. East Carolina isn't very good anymore. Navy wants part-time status. Villanova's still in Division 1-AA. Maybe we just need to create a new university and go from there.

  • New QB Andrew Robinson loved sending text messages such as "It's time to work" to teammates during summer workouts. Just one of the many things that makes athletes different than regular working folk. Could you imagine if your manager started sending you text messages every morning with things like "C'mon guys, Account Receivable is counting on us" or "Today TPS reports, tomorrow the world." You'd beat the crap out of him by Thursday.