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West Virginia Hearts Syracuse

Still bitter because ESPN didn't find any room for Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little or Donovan McNabb on their Top 100 Iconic Moments from College Football? Perhaps another group, one that's unbiased and fair, would put together a list of their own that would celebrate the Syracuse tradition?

Well one has, and Virginia???

Over the next three weeks we will reveal the 50 greatest college football players, the 20 greatest coaches and the 25 best teams West Virginia has faced on the gridiron.

Players #50 through #26 have been announced and here's the Cuse notables:

50. Joe Morris, RB, Syracuse
West Virginia certainly did its part in helping Joe Morris become Syracuse’s all-time leading rusher. Morris antagonized the Mountaineers for three years, running for 166 yards in 1979, 192 yards in 1980 and 168 yards and a pair of touchdowns as a senior in 1981. That’s 526 yards in three games.

45. Art Monk, WR, Syracuse
Long before Art Monk was setting records in the NFL with the Washington Redskins he was making his mark as a receiver for Syracuse. Against West Virginia in a 28-14 Orangemen victory in 1979, Monk caught three passes for 93 yards and a touchdown. His NFL career reception record was eventually eclipsed by Jerry Rice.

40. Marvin Harrison, WR, Syracuse
Marvin Harrison owns the Syracuse record for the longest touchdown catch of 96 yards against West Virginia in 1995. Harrison finished that game catching nine passes for 213 yards and he continues to catch passes today as an all-pro receiver for the Indianapolis Colts.

36. Jim Nance, RB, Syracuse (No, not that Jim Nance)
A two-time NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion, Jim Nance was no lightweight on the football field either. Bridging the gap between Ernie Davis and Floyd Little, Nance ran for 163 yards in Syracuse’s 28-27 upset loss to West Virginia in 1964. The Orangemen had already accepted a bid to play in the Cotton Bowl before the West Virginia game in Morgantown.

#25 through #1 come out Thursday.