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T'was Only A Matter Of Time

Probably the most disappointing thing about the Greg Robinson Era hasn't been what's taken place on the field, it's what's taken place off the field. More to the point, online. Whereas Florida, Alabama, Texas and many other top programs have taken to the web to defile the good name of their football team's head coach, Syracuse fans have been fairly sedated. Sure, the bloggers and the message boarders haven't been kind, but where's the real hate? Where's the loathing that seeps over into an unmistakable gesture of disgust and bile?

Where's the URL domains calling for Greg Robinson's head? Available. Available., actually...that's taken.

On a hunch I did some digging and found out that the Syracuse faithful have taken their first step towards college football fan e-contempt. Specifically, Colin Macintosh, an SU alum who decided to lay down the $8.95/year required to purchase the URL.

I emailed Colin and asked him about his motivation. He couldn't have been clearer:

The program is a disaster at the moment. Greg Robinson better get his schtick together soon. Greg may not be aware of SUs long and successful football program in the past, but I am. I hope we have a successful season but am skeptical. [I have] no interest in watching Rutgers dance on our skulls.

A placeholder website it up, no word on what kind of page it will, photo gallery, e-burning effigy. I think all SU fans, myself included, can say that we hope Colin wasted his $8.95 and the Orange turn it around this season...but in case that doesn't happen, we'll look to to lead us in our hate.

The big question is now...who's gonna pony up for