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Top Ten Orange To Ever Do Anything To Be Decided Right Here And Now

OrangeHoops had called down the thunder...and now he's got it. A couple months ago, OrangeRay started up a poll to decide the greatest basketball player in SU history. Dave Bing walked away with the crown with Derrick Coleman coming in 2nd and Carmelo coming in 3rd.

But what about the greatest lacrosse player and football player ever to grace the Archibold Stadium/Carrier Dome field? Don't they deserve to know their place in the pecking order of subjective fan opinion and memory? They do now.

Vote for the best Cuse lax player (Currently Gary Gait) and the best football player (Currently Jim Brown). Can Jim Brown pull off the double victory? Will someone not named Gait or Powell stand a chance in the lacrosse Top 5? Where do you truly feel McNabb fits in the history of SU football? How bout Ernie Davis, he of soon-to-be Hollywood immortality?

For the record, I said Gary Gait and Jim Brown, respectively. But I'm open to hear others plead their cases. Go vote and then speak your piece in the comments.