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Their Orange-Scented Candles Burned Out Long Before Their Legends Ever Did

Who is the most underrated Syracuse Orange/man basketball player of all time?

Interesting question, isn't it? Do you go for guys who played recently but who haven't received the historical judgment their predecessors were given such as Preston Shumpert or Jason Hart? Do you reach for players from the early years of the program since no one knows who they are and they deserve recognition such as Vic Hansen? Or how bout some guys who are remember are good but should be remembered as more like Roosevelt Bouie or Rafael Addison?

Place your vote and let's find out where Orange Nation stands. Need some help? OrangeHoops did their own Top 10 last week and deemed Vinnie Cohen the most deserving. Vinnie who?

At the time of this writing, the great and elusive Marius Janulis is ranked fourth. I trust you all to make the right decision and keep him high upon the list.