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Syracuse University's Official Position On The Oklahoma Scandal

When I was seven, I watched professional wrestler Mike Rotunda with the misguided, childish idea that he was just a man in a singlet who was a little too old to be wearing his university varsity jacket all the time. Now I realize, he was a latter-day Nostradamus.

Case and point,
this interview Rotunda gave in the 80's about the state of Oklahoma. If you read between the lines, you'll see that Mike is not just talking about a guy from the Midwest whom he intends to cripple via a neckbreaker, he's talking about the future, hoss. The man majored in political science, for Chrissake! He's knows shit.

First of all, Mike chose to make these comments on a segment called The Danger Zone, apropos of the current state of Oklahoma football and their infractions, no?
Think about it..."Doctor Death" is clearly an allusion to Rhett Bomar, who "killed" the 2005 season when he committed his infractions. Oklahomans, described as "a bunch of farmers (people who work on fields) with dirt underneath their fingernails (a clearer metaphor could not be made), praying that Willie Nelson does another Farm-Aid concert so they can feed their stinkin' Oklahoma families." Okay, I'm guessing that last part was an extremely long-winded allusion to getting back into the BCS Championship game. At least I'm hoping.

If I were Michigan, I'd watch my back. Mike Rotunda did not pontificate lightly. Would you seriously doubt someone who "adapted to the professional style of professional wrestling?" I don't think so.