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Syracuse Pro Update...Not Looking So Good

A week ago, the Internets was brimming with optimism for former Orange making their way into the promised land of the NBA. Today? Not so much...

We start with Gerry McNamara, he of the well-documented plight from NBA free agency to Europe to Bakersfield back to the NBA. Gerry's been playing summer ball for the Sixers this past week. Well, "playing" might not be the correct term for it...but he has been in uniform, so that's something.

G-Mac's ankle is turning into the Fred Taylor's groin of basketball. Not only did he injure the right ankle in practice back on July 4th but he also injured his left one on July 8th. After putting in some barely noticeable time on the court in the Sixers' first few games, G-Mac finally made an impact last night's game...until he re-injured the left ankle. Gerry did finish the game so it didn't seem too bad, but Jesus, somebody get this man some Icy-Hot or something. According to CNY in the Pros, the Sixers begin a second week of games coming up...let's hope Gerry can keep his ankles from shattering into tiny pieces mid-play.

Demetris Nichols was drafted in the second round by the Portland Trailblazers and quickly traded to the New York Knicks in what seemed to be a perfect match. It seemed that D-Nic/Knick was in the right place at the right position for the right team. He's been playing well in summer league, even leading the Knicks to
a win over the Chinese National Team (huh?). Demetris is doing everything he can to be sure he makes the team...but apparently that might not happen.

New York Post is reporting that the Knicks will likely ship Demetris off to Europe for a season since he will be hard pressed to make the squad. The Knicks are already two players over the allowed roster size and Nichols still has yet to be signed. Still, they mention that Isiah Thomas and senior VP Glen Grunwald are hopeful they can make room for Nichols on the roster.

"Obviously you can only have 15 during the season," Grunwald told The Post. "We'll find a way to either keep him on the team or retain him as an asset for the future."

At least the two "other Orange" in the NBA summer leagues are doing okay.

Darryl Watkins is making the most of his time with the Kings. He pulled down four rebounds and blocked a shot in the Kings 75-64 recent victory over Washington and has averaged 3.5 points and 4.5 rebounds in two games so far. Watkins will get the chance to match-up against his former teammate Demetris Nichols’ tonight when the Kings face the Knicks. You can keep track of life behind-the-scenes for the Kings summer league team at this blog.

Remember Damone Brown? He's playing for the Orlando Magic in the Pepsi Pro Summer League, although don't tell that to the officials keeping the official rosters. They prefer their Damone without the "e. Whatever you call him, he's been getting better and better. Last night he saw his role expanded and scored thirteen in a loss. Plus, if things work out, I could see big things for Get Fresh Entertainment in Orlando. Big things.

It's too early to tell what the prognosis is for any of these guys but fingers are crossed and many Orange fans are rooting for them. Donations for the G-Mac Wish Upon An Ankle Foundation are appreciated.