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Syracuse Hope To Aid New Orleans' Return To Normalcy By Kicking Their Basketball Team's Ass

Another day, another OCC basketball opponent is announced. The Tulane Green Wave will take on the Orange in the Carrier Dome on December 1st. The Wave is coming off a 17-13 (9-7) season in Conference USA.

The Orange's schedule is coming together rather nicely overall. Depending on how things shake out in the Preseason NIT, our game against Virginia and the success of teams like Tulane and UMass this season, we should (should being the very appropriate term) be in good standing with the scheduling Gods this season.

Thanks to SUAthletics for the scoop. That's the official sports website of Syracuse University Athletics...the same website that The Axeman humorous pointed out
has yet to acknowledge that Big East Media Day (and the Orange's last place assumption) took place.