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Syracuse Committed To Replaying 1928 Basketball Schedule

With the additions of Saint Rose, LeMoyne College and now Fordham, the Syracuse Orange has seemingly found a loophole in the NCAA Tournament selection process. By playing the exact schedule they played in 1928, they'll be able to trick the old fogies on the committee (who are so old they still believe schools like Fordham, San Francisco and CCNY are powerhouses) to thinking Syracuse's schedule is the toughest in the nation.

Bravo, DOCTOR Gross and Coach Boeheim, you're one step ahead of all of us.
Now, someone needs to get on the phones and find out when Rochester, Hobart, Clarkson and St. Lawrence are available.

Oddly enough, Andy Katz (via the Daily Orange Sports Blog) is reporting that the
Orange will also travel to Virginia for an out-of-conference game. Shame we have to waste a spot on a no-name program like that when we could be playing a top squad like NYU.