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Someone Tell Vermont, Monmouth, LIU And Every Other Northeastern Basketball Program To Keep A Date Open

Not content until they have scheduled every Division 1-A basketball program in the Northeastern United States, Syracuse added the Rhode Island Rams to the schedule yesterday. The two teams will meet at the Carrier Dome (natch) on Saturday, December 8 at 7:00 p.m. Syracuse leads the overall series 6-1, however that lone loss came during the 1988 NCAA East Regional. Payback's a bitch...19 years later.

Mike Waters is also noting that Cornell's head coach, Steve Donahue, told the Ithaca Journal that the Big Red will mix it up with the Orange on December 22nd (and the Duke Blue Devils on January 6th). If the Big Red lose, we could see a shake-up at the beginning of the color spectrum, leading teachers worldwide to remove all references to ROYGBIV from the classroom. Who says the pre-conference schedule doesn't have importance?