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Scheduling Is One Thing, Winning Is Something Totally Different

Don't let it ever be said that DOCTOR Daryl Gross isn't trying to get Syracuse football out there. The schedule in years to come is more loaded than all the fans at a West Virginia football game. Either he has very high hopes for our program and its ability to shine when the spotlight is upon it, or he wants to go down in a spectacular blaze of glory.

The Syracuse Orange of the 2010's is going to be a powerhouse. I mean...we better be...otherwise we're in deep shit.

An analysis of the 2008-15 Big East non-conference BCS opponents shows two struggling programs that have had success in the past -- Syracuse and Pitt -- have the most imposing future schedules. Syracuse gets a visit from USC in 2012 (with a return game in Los Angeles after 2015). The Orange also faces Notre Dame, Penn State, Virginia Tech. It starts a series with Georgia Tech in 2015, and also has six dates with former league foe BC and four with Northwestern.

Thanks to the Charleston Daily Mail for scaring the living bejesus out of us.