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Sacramento Wasn't Big Enough For The Both Of Them

It's a well-known rule that at all times only one Syracuse alum can play basketball in the city of Sacramento. It's kinda like that SAT riddle where you're on one side of the river and you've got some grain, a goat and a wolf and you can't leave certain things on one shore alone...except that its absolutely nothing like that and I just wanted to work that random memory into a post.

ANYway, Gerry McNamara welcomed Sacramento's newest free agent Daryl Watkins by leaving town immediately. But it's not due to bad blood between the two. Rather, its due to G-Mac possibly getting his big chance in Philadelphia.

Gerry McNamara has agreed to a free agent deal that will put him on the Philadelphia 76ers' summer league roster. McNamara's agent, Bill Neff, said McNamara had interest from several European teams as well. McNamara will play on the Sixers' entry in NBA summer leagues in both Las Vegas and Utah.

What a coup this could be for the McNamara's. The caravan to every home game Gerry plays just became infinitely more cost-effective (I don't know what kind of frequent flyer mileage Gerry Sr. had saved up but something tells me they wouldn't have been flying free on Delta for very long to Sac-town). Gerry would be just hours from his hometown of Scranton. And now Gerry will be able to scoot back and forth easily from important things such as making the Sixers roster and more trivial events such as, I dunno, his wedding perhaps.