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Remember, Remember The 7th of December...1987

Came across this site today and their recap of the "infamous?" Cornell-Syracuse brawl of 1987. The Orangmen beat the Big Red 95-59 but it was the beatings that took place during the game that stick with us.

The video is the real winner here though. Not so much for the brawl, but for the old school SportsCenter setup. In the Budwesier HotSeat Era (BHSE), it's hard to imagine there was a time when the best SportsCenter could come up with for a bumper was the "ESPN Fast Fact." It's also hard to imagine that they once used Calleco-style graphics to show on the broadcasts. Alan knew not what you would beget. Live on forever in your simpler time of well-coiffed female co-anchors and a svelte Chris Berman sitting just off-camera, stewing.

I don't know what kind of suspensions (if any) were handed down after the fight (sounds like a job for OrangeHoops) but I'm willing to bet if this happened today, Nate Grant would get five games, Derrick Coleman would get ten games and Dennis
Derek Brower would be executed gangland-style in the middle of the quad by Myles Brand.