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OrangeTube 7/5

Some videos to tide you over while you wait for the next screening of The Most Expensive eBay Commercial Ever Made a.k.a. Transformers.

Demetris Nichols is a Knickerbocker. He is pleased.

The good news, some old Syracuse-related championship game footage is online. The bad news...its from 1987.

Q - What happens when the Cuse is in the house?

A. Cuse decides to stay, claiming squatters rights
B. Brings baklava and share it with fellow house guests. Mundane banter ensues.
C. Brings the house down!!! YEAH!!!
D. All of the above

Finally, if you enjoy your SU montages to move at a snail's pace and featuring homoerotic shots of Powell Brothers, this is the montage for you: