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OrangeTube 7/18

Some Orange-flavored videos for your dog to watch to distract it from CNN's Michael Vick coverage:

A Copy of a Copy
Let's say you see a Mike Powell highlight video. You love the moves and the drama but you hate the music. Alas, you don't have access to the original file. What is a YouTuber to do?

How bout filming the online video with a video camera and do everything in your power to keep your elbows straight?

Yeah, works as well as you think.

The Fellowship of Crouse College
Who would cross the Crouse Stairs of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see!

En Fuego...No More
To commemorate the end of the Dan Patrick Era at ESPN, here's a Otto-riffic send-off.

When in Doubt...Otto
Behold...the face of DOOM!


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