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OrangeTube 7/13

First up, a little closure with the Raging Bulls. Seems the fix was in, as the team gets to keep its mascot, logo, signage and marketing materials and only has to Photoshop a couple more letters onto everything. I guess in retrospect it was good so many of you didn't go to Wendy's and your cholesterol would be through the roof!

Watch the official news story here.
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By the way, if this Sixers thing doesn't work out, apparently G-Mac has a standing offer on the table.

So USC can recruit a fourteen-year-old and now Coach Boeheim can recruit a fifteen-year-old, whose to say that football recruiting can't go much the same way? If that's the case, Cuse needs to get someone out to Los Alamitos STAT!

Cody's runs

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Finally, I'm gonna veer away from the Syracuse path for this video. It's one of the many broadcasts done by "YouTube Sports" correspondent Kige Ramsey. If you haven't already read Deadspin's take on Kige or the interview with the man himself, do yourself a favor and watch some of his in-depth reporting and then get to know the man behind the Titans jersey.

Since Kige hasn't talked Syracuse yet (Not until we play Kentucky at least), here's the next best thing, Mets analysis.

I dare you to poke holes in Kige's logic. I dare you. (I'm not kidding...the man speaks the truth, especially about Nicole Ritchie)