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Orange Pride For You, Nightmare Fuel For Your Children

Otto the Orange is many things to many people. What we can all agree upon though is that Otto is "not right." He's a walking, smiling piece of fruit who wears pants and has arms where his ears should be (so is he deaf? It would explain so much).

There are many ways for Syracuse-alum parents to rear their children (has anyone already done that joke? Yes? Okay...) in the ways of the Orange. Most are harmless. You can make them wear Orange clothing. You can but them overpriced Future Syracuse Student bibs from Manny's. You can even sit them in front of Syracuse basketball games until they get so confused they can't tell the difference between Jim Boeheim and Mr. Rogers. (Hello boys and we're going to learn the intricacies of the 2-3 zone. Would you like that, children?)

One thing you should not do, at least until they are of a certain age, is introduce the idea of Otto's existence to them. At least until they are old enough to talk so they can ask you "Daddy, why did God allow this to exist?"

And you sure as hell shouldn't put this over their heads at night.

Brrrrrr.... Gives me the day terrors just staring into their cold, lifeless eyes.

Thanks to Rob for the disturbing find. I think.