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Now THAT's Some Out-Of-Conference Schedulin'

Syracuse will be participating in the College Basketball Experience Classic next season. But they won't be the only team there (natch). They'll be joined by possible opponents Florida, Kansas and Washington. Formerly known as the Guardians Classic, the 16-team tournament will start out in four regional spots (likely the ones above plus Cuse) and end at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri. No word on dates but expect late November.

But before we can worry about next year's schedule, we still need to figure out this seasons. One more cog fell into place today as Syracuse officially scheduled East Tennessee State for December 15th in the Dome. The Buccaneers went 24-10 last season and played in the NIT. This match-up is being dubbed the Best Of The Beaten By Clemson In The NIT Classic.