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A Man And His Meat

When I started this whole "Bloggin' Bout Dem Syracuse Boyz On The Internets Thing," the first thing I did was look around and see who was already doing it, try to figure out how I could steal all of their ideas and run them out of business so I could cash in on the Google AdWords checks all by myself. I found Orange44 and I immediately realized I wasn't going to be able to steal any of their stuff cause, well, it was really good and it was backed up by data and stats and effort, all of which I have little propensity for. I also found out Google AdWords doesn't pay dick, but that's another story altogether.

Things have been quiet on the Orange44 front recently, which is understandable because its the off-season and really, how many times can you blog about the minutia of Gerry McNamara's life? (4-5 times a month by my count). Let it never be said that the guys over there rest on their laurels though. It may have nothing to do with Syracuse, Gerry McNamara or even Matt Gorman, but by God, Matt Glaude is attempting to do the Lord's work:

As of yesterday, July 1, 2007, my roommate and I have embarked on a quest to consume hot dogs every day throughout the month of July. We have decided to chronicle this quest of gastric disdain on the Internet.

If you visit the cryptically-named Matt And Matt Eat Hot Dogs, you'll be able to follow along as the Matt's, well, eat hot dogs. It Andy Warhol-esque in its simplicity and its grandeur. I'll be keeping a watchful eye on things and will be curious to see what these doggers think of tomorrow's epic showdown in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. We shall wait with baited breathe. Baited breathe that smells like processed meat.

Oh, when I said this had nothing to do with Matt Gorman, I may have jumped the gun. They are in fact eating hot dogs, which have been known to contain some nefarious sources of meat and...well...has anyone actually SEEN Matt Gorman lately? Exactly...