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Jazz Get The Man Behind Their Man

Well at least one more former Orange player is assured a steady paycheck this upcoming season. Jason Hart, he of the new-and-improved-career, signed a 2-year deal thought to be worth about $5 million with the Utah Jazz on Friday.

The Jazz actually had Morris Peterson on the top of their list but after he signed with the Hornets earlier in the week, the Jazz scooped up Hart as Plan B. According to the article, the Jazz "foresee using [Hart] not only as a backup point guard to Deron Williams, but also at shooting guard."

"He can play both positions," [Jazz basketball operations senior vice president Kevin] O'Connor said of Hart. "He brings us toughness, and he brings some veteran leadership a little bit. It's some of the things that we were looking at, obviously, to replace the 27 minutes (per game) that (Fisher) gave us."

Hart spent the tail-end of last season with the Clippers, where he made the most of his time there, almost leading the team to the playoffs. Seems the short-lived disappointment worked out well though. Had they made the playoffs, Hart would have been "rewarded" with a contract with the Clippers. Thanks, but no thanks.