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I'm Not Sure This Is What Gary Walters Had In Mind

After last season's NCAA Tournament snub, a lot has been made of Syracuse's out-of-conference scheduling for the upcoming season. The Orange seem to be making more of an effort to leave the confines of New York before conference play and make sure that when they win twenty-plus games, there's no doubt in the mind of the committee that they have played a worthy schedule.

As such, the Orange have added Division II schools Saint Rose and LeMoyne to the schedule.


Sure, they're both just exhibition games meant to give the Orange some practice before the season begins. But what if Gary Walters et. al just take a quick look at the schedule and don't notice the exhibition asterik? What if they have an intern from USF do the schedule tally for them and he screws it up? What if Doug Gottlieb finds out? The last thing in the world we need to be doing is giving the powers-that-be more reasons to giggle and guffaw at our schedule.

Okay so maybe I'm overreacting. Can we please promise to at least beat these guys? Saint Rose sounds like a college they played against in School Ties and LeMoyne students would never let us live it down. We don't need losses like that hanging over our heads before the season starts.