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If West Virginia Fans Know One Thing, Its How To Make T-Shirts

The season hasn't already started and West Virginia fans are making shirt-related news. At first, we had a fantastic slogan and rallying cry that summed up everything about the fanbase, university, football team and state all in one fell swoop. Then, we had the giggle-inducing championship logo that five-year-olds and fifty-year-olds could share in laughter.

Now we learn of this intrepid West Virginia fan, courtesy of Card Chronicle, who took it upon himself to one-up the Cardinal faithful who were planning a "blackout" during the UL-WVU game last season. What Mountaineer fans lack in creativity, knowledge and opposable thumbs, they make up for with connections to people who own t-shirt presses.

For the record, I still don't get why a fanbase known for two things, a red bird and the color red, are all wearing black. I guess its better than white. That said, we can all take comfort in knowing "hulkamaniac1980" saw his national title dreams dashed that night. That evening's couch burning was bittersweet indeed.

(Lest we forget this one as well. Thanks to Johnny at Mountainlair for the heads-up)