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Gottlieb Compliments Orange...Possibly

When it comes to Syracuse, Doug Gottlieb is a like a divorced Dad still bitter about the way things have turned out. Whenever he's with his children and the topic of their mom comes up, he can't help but stick it to her, even if its caked in good intentions. Take for instance, his Names To Watch For In The 2008 Draft article. Gottlieb mentions two Cuse players and is sure to overdo the praise to the point of obnoxiousness.

Donte Greene - Thin pogo-stick type of athlete (read: scrawny as hell) who will thrive if Syracuse starts to get up and down, which the Orange seem poised to try (read: if that old coot Boeheim can actually get with the times).
Paul Harris - Do-it-all Paul has all the skills, except a jump shot (read: well, exactly what you read). Strongest guard in college basketball, but he has no position (read: Boeheim is a strategic assface). If he continues to improve his shooting next year as he did in Year 1, he could get in the lottery discussion, a discussion he was in coming out of prep school.

We look forward to more highly-intriguing (read: jaded) and lively discussion (read: bile) from Doug this season.