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Gorman Graduates. Seriously!

It's been a real pleasure being part of the Matt Gorman Experience for the last few years. We all couldn't have been as lucky as Angela, but we knew him in our own ways.

He was a fantastic addition to the Syracuse Lanky White Guy Pantheon alongside Billy Celuck, Elvir Ovcina and Craig Forth (a mantle soon to be picked up by Kristof!, we can hardly wait). Of course, there was the bareback incident which will probably live on much longer than any of his basketball highlights (for better or worse). It hasn't always been rosy but we made it through...together.

And so as you'll see below, Matt Gorman graduated. He leaves behind some wonderful memories. His unbridled enthusiasm for life. His...height.

I think that about covers it.

We wish you well, Matthew. Lest we see you in a Raging Bullz uniform soon, God speed.