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Big East Unveils Latest NCAA Tournament-Hampering Schedule

Via Mike Waters at, I learned the Big East unveiled the conference schedule today. They're touting it as the Expanded 18-Game Conference Slate in a spinny way that's supposed to mean this is better than the 16-game schedule last season. So since 10 conference wins for Syracuse wasn't good enough to get them into the tournament last year, now it looks like they'll have to win at least 12. Good times.

As it has been in the conference and in deference to the entire point of having a conference, each team will only play three other teams twice in the season. These matchups are determined by "natural interest and geography, rivalries and television contractual obligations." Please remember that when Syracuse plays South Florida twice this season and you're scratching your head as to why they fit any of those criteria over St. Johns, Seton Hall, Pittsburgh, West Virginia or UConn. We also play Georgetown and Villanova twice, so that's nice.

Syracuse's Home Conference Opponents:
UConn, G'town, Marquette, Pitt, Providence, Rutgers, St. Johns, USF, Villanova.

Syracuse's Away Conference Opponents:
Cincy, DePaul, G'town, L'ville, Notre Dame, Seton Hall, USF, Villanova, West Virginia.

You can see the entire schedule