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The Battle For The Reddish-Orange Jug Rages On

Just about the surest thing on the Syracuse basketball schedule other than the fact that the Big East schedule will be weighted so that we will play teams we have little rivalry with twice (USF) while we play bitter rivals only once (UConn, West Virginia) is that we will play Colgate sometime in December. The two teams have played 159 times with Syracuse holding the slight 114-45 edge in a series which dates back to the 1901-02 season.

The series continues when the Orange host Colgate on Monday, Dec. 17, at 7:00 p.m. in the Carrier Dome. The Orange defeated the Raiders 79-52 last season.

By the way, can we get a ruling on the Raiders? Is that one of those mascot names that used to be a Native American reference but through the power of mascot changery and forgetfulness has come to mean something much less realistic...kinda like Orangemen? (Wikipedia sorta confirms this)

Need a reason to get fired up for the 'Gate? Here's a fun fact for you, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Ellis Island National Monument displays an anti-immigration statement by George Cutten, Colgate's eighth President, warning that "The danger the 'melting pot' brings to the nation is the breeding out of the higher divisions of the white race...."

So what you're telling me is that he wasn't a huge Adonal Foyle fan.