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America Hates Eric Devendorf

Gottliebs of America, rejoice! Eric Devendorf did not make the the list of 14 finalists for the US squad at the upcoming Pan Am Games.

In what I'm sure will make Eric feel much better, the decision was made by the non-partisan USA Basketball Men’s Collegiate Committee...which is chaired by Jim Boeheim.

"The trials were as competitive as any we have ever had. With the group of 14 finalists there is really good balance. We’ve got good inside guys, we’ve got good wing players and the point guards have really come on," said Boeheim.

I'm sure Devo will have something to say about his Pan-Am experience in tattoo form. Might I suggest a fist coming through the US flag with some Chinese writing underneath that is supposed to spell "strength" but actually spells "noodle."