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Thank God Syracuse Isn't In Oregon

We have bad football uniforms. I think its something most of us can agree with. We can't help it...we chose the colors and DOCTOR Daryl Gross is all about tradition we are.

Sports Illustrated certainly noticed as well and Syracuse has made the Mr. Blackwell-esque College Football's Ugliest Uniforms list. The Top (or Bottom) Ten goes like this:

10. Utah
9. Notre Dame (green unis)
8. Iowa State
7. Clemson
6. Air Force
5. Delaware
4. Syracuse
3. Rhode Island
2. Wyoming
1. Oregon

You can check out each one on this slideshow. I have to say, I kinda like the Air Force and Utah ones and all the Rhode Island uniform needs is a little dark blue shading on the helmet and it would be pretty damn cool.

Oregon is the easy pick for winner, I don't think there's anyone on the planet outside of Eugene who doesn't agree they are the kings of ugly. But let it never be said that Oregon State University just handed over victories to their rival without putting up a fight.

What the hell is wrong with that state? Someone tell Greg Oden to stay within the Portland city limits at all time.

Thanks to Dan from SportsAtRandom for the heads up.