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The Spectre Of Paul Pasqualoni Will Haunt Us Forevermore

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Probably the worst part of the Greg Robinson Era so far is that its given credence to the idea that firing Paul Pasqualoni was a bad thing. I covered all of this a long time ago but it bears repeating...firing Coach P was a very good thing. I promise you. Better we go through the birth pangs of rebuilding our program into a national contender than be resigned to a lifetime of 8-4 Meineke Car Care Bowl seasons.

Still, you can't help but wonder, in a time when we'd kill just for a Champs Sports Bowl berth, how things would be if Coach P were still roaming the sidelines.

It's worth reminding that Ray Rice would have donned Orange had that been the case.

"The next day after (Pasqualoni was fired) I met with my high school coach (Lou DiRienzo). That’s when we had the talk," says Rice. "He asked me what I wanted to do, if I wanted to start looking at other options. I told him ‘Open (the recruiting process) up. Let’s see what’s out there.’ That’s when Rutgers came in. I think I was more loyal to Coach Pasqualoni than I was to Syracuse University," Rice says. "I thought they were going to give him another year to change things. It bothered me when he was fired."

To paraphrase Bill Simmons, I will now pour salt into my eyes and wash them out with Tabasco sauce.

Source: Daily Orange Sports Blog