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The Spectre Of Paul Pasqualoni Will Haunt Us Forevermore

Probably the worst part of the Greg Robinson Era so far is that its given credence to the idea that firing Paul Pasqualoni was a bad thing. I covered all of this a long time ago but it bears repeating...firing Coach P was a very good thing. I promise you. Better we go through the birth pangs of rebuilding our program into a national contender than be resigned to a lifetime of 8-4 Meineke Car Care Bowl seasons.

Still, you can't help but wonder, in a time when we'd kill just for a Champs Sports Bowl berth, how things would be if Coach P were still roaming the sidelines.

It's worth reminding that Ray Rice would have donned Orange had that been the case.

"The next day after (Pasqualoni was fired) I met with my high school coach (Lou DiRienzo). That’s when we had the talk," says Rice. "He asked me what I wanted to do, if I wanted to start looking at other options. I told him ‘Open (the recruiting process) up. Let’s see what’s out there.’ That’s when Rutgers came in. I think I was more loyal to Coach Pasqualoni than I was to Syracuse University," Rice says. "I thought they were going to give him another year to change things. It bothered me when he was fired."

To paraphrase Bill Simmons, I will now pour salt into my eyes and wash them out with Tabasco sauce.

Source: Daily Orange Sports Blog