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Ray, When Hawaii Offers You $700,000 To Play A Football Game, You Say YES!

From the Honolulu Advertiser (via

University of Hawai'i athletic director Herman Frazier extended to tomorrow the deadline to secure a 13th football game for 2007. The Warriors have confirmed commitments from 12 opponents for the 2007 season. As part of the so-called Hawai'i exemption, UH is allowed to play up to 13 regular-season games. Frazier said he has offers out to two I-A teams, one of which is a member of a Bowl Championship Series conference. He declined to put a percentage on the chances of landing a 13th game, which would be played Oct. 20 or Nov. 3 at Aloha Stadium. But Frazier said one of the teams is "half in the door, half out the door."

The offer to the BCS team is in the ballpark of $700,000, a package that includes coverage on an ESPN channel and some financial considerations from a participating conference.

No idea who this BCS team is but so help me God if its Syracuse and we say no...