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Question Is, Who Wears #37?

In a move that would shatter Sports Guy's unintentional comedy scale, the new name of the ABA team in Syracuse could be the Snow Ballers.

Let me repeat that.

The name of a professional sports franchise, which will be voted on by the good customers of Wegman's and Wendy's, could very well be The Snow Ballers.

For the uninitiated, a few months back the Syracuse Bullies arrived in the ABA, finally bringing organized basketball to a city with no other options for viewing basketball at a high level. The name was meant to be an homage to the Bulls, the owners favorite professional team. Slowly but surely, locals began voicing their displeasure over the name, which could be construed as a positive connotation of the schoolyard bully and was sure to make the children of Syracuse suddenly rise up and attack the meek without provocation simply because the local ABA mascot told them to.

Spinning things like any good publicist would do, the Bullies have decided to bow to this groundswell of pressure that no-one outside of the greater Syracuse area even had any idea was going on and rename their team. They'll do it the old-fashioned way...through a highly-coordinated, cross-promotional contest featuring multiple promotional partners to maximize awareness and profits.

Oh, there are other choices for the team name. If you like your local team nicknames to be second-rate copies of other pro teams or just exact replicas therein, you can choose the Bullz, Netz or Avalanche. You can also pick Sentinels, which if you ask me send a horrible message to the youth of today with its depiction of soldiers who are single-mindedly hellbent on killing. But, um, better than Bullies...I guess.

But I think the choice is clear.

The bonus to all of this if you choose Snow Ballers? Every time a member of the Snow Ballers scores 37 points, tacos for everyone! And then you and your friend could have this conversation to the point where its no longer funny, which would be twice.

Friend #1: My girlfriend ate 37 tacos...
Friend #2: In a row?

Ballhype: hype it up!