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OrangeTube 6/25

Some Orange-related videos to tied you over while you wait for Syracuse to be ranked in a pre-season college basketball poll.

Project 119 Visits The Dome
Couple weeks back it was mentioned that Project 119 finally made its way to the Dome. Here's the proof. Feel free to skip over the Boston College and UConn visits that follow.

The Stand
Were you like me and when you watched 300 you couldn't help but think you'd seen a situation like this play out before? Congrats to Iowa fans, who will forever cling to the memory of their double overtime, skin-of-their-teeth win over a 4-8 Syracuse team. How proud you must be.

(Alright, the video is actually kinda cool...)

The Smackdown
It's just like The Daily Show but with 500% more Syracuse t-shirts.

(Okay, the "just like" The Daily Show part might not be totally correct)

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