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Orange Elite

Perhaps in deference to the fact that ESPN is running down the The Top 100 Plays in College Football History and has yet to mention the Orange (unless Jim Brown makes the Top 20 tomorrow), Sports Illustrated has posted a rather matter-of-fact list of the Top Ten Athletes To Ever Play For Syracuse (nice catch by Cuse Country).

The list goes a little something like this:
10. Marvin Harrison (FB)

9. Julia McBride (WBB)

8. John Mackey (FB)

7. Dave Bing (BB)

6. Ernie Davis (FB)

5. Derrick Coleman (BB)

4. Donovan McNabb (FB/BB)

3. Carmelo Anthony (BB)
2. Mike Powell (LAX)

1. Jim Brown (FB/BB/LAX/T&F)

Me thinks there's a Gait brother or two who might have a bone to pick with the list, but overall it looks pretty solid.

While they were at it, SI also ranked the
toughest college football schedules for 2007. The #1 toughest schedule belong to Washington, no thanks in part to the monster of a game against Syracuse that begins their season. The Orange also show up on Illinois' (#18), West Virginia's (#21) and Pittsburgh's (#23) schedule as well. The Syracuse schedule, which includes the above teams plus Iowa, Louisville, USF and Rutgers didn't make the cut but certainly deserved a little consideration.