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It's Not Like Running Backs Are That Important Anyway

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The Syracuse running back core has had a rocky off-season to say the least. The one man that head coach Greg Robinson was counting on most to carry the load for the Orange, injured his hip and will likely miss the entire 2007 season. Carter's likely replacement, Curtis Brinkley, suffered damage to his knee cartilage a few days later and had to undergo surgery. Brinkley is expected to play but questions linger. Luckily, we had some depth arriving in the form of incoming freshman Doug Hogue...who was injured in the New York-New Jersey All-Star Football Classic last week.

Suffice to say, the running backs are going to need someone with a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge in the world of college football, making sure they are prepared for a full season of football at one of its highest levels. In the wrong, inexperienced hands, the Syracuse running backs could end up costing the team a chance at a good season.

Naturally, Syracuse hired a high school coach to lead them.

The first and only head coach in Northwest High School history, [Randy] Trivers led the team to immediate success. In the program’s second season, the Jaguars won the Montgomery County 2A Division Championship and advanced to the state quarterfinals in 1999. In 2004, Trivers guided Northwest to a 13-1 record and the 3A state championship and was named the Maryland Associated Press Coach of the Year...During his nine-year tenure, Trivers team’s have recorded 73 wins in 100 games and he has won 12 different Coach of the Year accolades...The Jaguars finished the 2006 season with a 12-1 record and won the 4A West Region Championship and Montgomery County 4A Division Championship.

Actually he sounds like a pretty good coach from the looks of things. We could go after a name guy, but he'd probably end up leaving after a year anyway (ahem, Applewhite). Clearly the people of Northwest High School loved him, and the feeling was mutual, from the looks of this love-letter to the program he built and is leaving behind. Let's hope Randy brings that kind of attention and nurturing to the SU program, Lord knows the knees and joints of our running backs need it.

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