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I Don't Wanna Wait (For Our Car Ride To Be Over)

Some Orange-y nuggets of truth for your Friday consumption...

I thought we'd get though the week without another arbitrary "top ten" list thrown our way. Well, we made it. But here's a top twenty...The Top Twenty Meltdowns In Sports.

16. Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim

I only wish Jim Boeheim were around so I could have someone repeatedly dropping F-Bomb’s for emphasis in my ear. Seriously, if Boeheim extended this rant to about 5 minutes long, he’d probably surpass 2pac’s use of the F-Bomb in ‘Hit ‘Em Up’. Now Jim just needs to start saying "Now when I came out I told you it was just about Gerry, then everybody had to open they mouth fo’ they mothaf**kin’ opinions. Well this how we gonna do this: F**k the editor, f**k the assistant coach, f**k Syracuse as a newspaper, as a University, and as a motherf**kin’ student body. And if you wanna be down with Syracuse, f**k you too!"

Come for the Boeheim rant but stay for the Herm Edwards "You Play To Win The Game" and Denny Green "The Bears Are Who We Thought They Were!"

The Daily Orange blog, which I have to say has come on quite strong in the last few days, reports that for those of you in the Syracuse area, Time Warner Cable will not provide you with all the ESPNU goodness you need.

Now, if only they're throw us a bone here in LA. (Yeah, Time Warner...lookin' at you...we're over here in the #2 market in the ESPNU...think about that while you program Gospel Music Network for me...thanks)

The Express has a release date! And no, its not April 4th (4/4, get it?!?!?). It's October 10th, 2008. Speculation is running wild about a premiere in Syracuse. Sounds like a lovely idea but that would probably mean the studio and/or the university would have to foot the bill to get all the LA and NYC press up to Cuse for it...I don't know if that's gonna happen. Maybe there will be a special screening in the Dome though.

All the draft talk has centered around Demetris Nichols, but what about Terrence Roberts and Daryl Wilkins? Wilkins worked out for the Heat the other day as part of a pseudo-Big East working out Pitt's Aaron Gray and Nova's Curtis Sumter. Watkins finds himself ranked #70 in the draft rankings, not too far behind Demetris Nichols (which doesn't sound right). Both of them are miles behind Terrence Roberts at #47, which REALLY doesn't sound right. This guy has watched basketball before, right?

Finally, I leave you with this video. It's only five seconds long and its a tease of things to come. But dammit, I'm intrigued. Who is this Syracuse jerseyed driver? Is he going to Syracuse for school or for a game? Does he usually sing in falsetto or just Paula Cole songs? The world may never know.