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Hijinks and Tomfoolery

Random nuggets of delicious Orange-y goodness for you to get through the afternoon...

It's as if the Playa Hater's Ball was in full swing and the topic of choice is the Big East.

"Big East, what can I say about your football that already hasn't been said about Afghanistan? It's bombed out and depleted."

Well at least there's this guy, giving us some love.

"The Big East is dominating the present and the scary thing is, there is more potential. The Big East is only behind the SEC as being the most exciting football to watch. I bet the ACC is jealous."

The bright spot in the Syracuse lacrosse scene this year was the women's team, which won the Big East championship and made it to the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament. It was the kind of season a safety school like Harvard could only dream of having.

So they stole our coach.

Lisa Miller, who built the Syracuse women's lacrosse program from scratch into a perennial NCAA tournament contender, has been named Harvard's new head coach, Nichols Family Director of Athletics Bob Scalise announced Tuesday. Miller, a Plymouth, Mass., native and the 2007 Big East Coach of the Year, led the Orange to six NCAA Championship appearances in 10 seasons.

Dwight Freeney seemingly has done it all. He had an outstanding collegiate career at Syracuse. He plays NFL football for a living. He's rich. He won a Super Bowl.

About the only thing left for him to do is appear in a Fabolous video and get into a slow motion fist fight.

What that? He's done that too?

Nice catch, CNY in the Pros

Finally, a little something I got a chuckle out of in today's Daily Orange Sports Blog. They asked DOCTOR Daryl Gross about the women's hockey team and here's what he had to say:

"Yeah. The women’s ice hockey search is going great. It’s just outstanding. We’ve got an outstanding pool of people."

Doc, when discussing the women's hockey team, you might want to steer clear of the aquatic references.